Planlogic: Driven by Our Values
21st May of 2020

While the revenues and bottom lines of the world’s leading companies are commendable, what is often more inspiring are the values they operate by – whether an unwavering commitment to innovation, a religious adherence to excellence, or an environment that everyone wants to be a part of. At Planlogic, we strive to build our foundation on strong values, because we understand that a company’s performance is directly related to its culture and values.

Planlogic’s Values

Client Success

Focusing on what is best for our advisers and creating work they love is the cornerstone of everything we do at Planlogic. We understand that supporting our advisers to the best of our abilities is the only way to live by our mantra of ‘allowing people to achieve financial freedom and live their best life’. We strive to ensure that every action and decision taken benefits our advisers and allows them to focus on what is most important – delivering effective advice.


Since our inception, Planlogic has always been a tight-knit unit, and maintaining this throughout our growth is of utmost importance. Openness and honesty are the foundations of trust, and we believe in practicing this in all our relationships: with employees, clients, community, vendors, and co-workers. While trust is difficult to form and easy to lose, relationships built around trust are infinitely simpler – and as a result, a lot more efficient. Embedded in all our decisions, we strive to never compromise on the trust that we have built with our stakeholders.

Commitment to Excellence

We know that the quality of our work is what differentiates us from the rest. We strive to go above and beyond in all our interactions with our advisers, partners, colleagues and vendors. At Planlogic, we promote a high-performance culture and never settle for any less. We perceive good as the opposite of great and constantly challenge ourselves to deliver to the highest quality in everything that we do. Despite this, we understand that excellence is not something that is achieved overnight, which is why we stay committed to equipping our team with all the resources necessary – especially in terms of learning and development – to deliver to their utmost potential.


Growth has been synonymous with the Planlogic brand, and it is our priority to ensure that our team and advisers grow with us. We are always on the lookout for new challenges to grow both as a company, and individually. Our recent ventures into a financial planning-specific digital marketing offering and the development of a tech-enabled paraplanning process are both testaments to our commitment to growth.

We Are All Equal 

We strongly believe in providing equal opportunities for everyone. Commitment to our values, performance, skill set, aptitude for learning and growth are all factors that are considered when evaluating our performance. This value ties directly into all our other values – are we committed to delivering excellent work? Are we doing what is best for our clients? Are we committed to growing as an individual and a group? Do we foster an environment of trust? At all levels, we ensure that our progress is based on principles that give everyone an equal opportunity.

We ensure that all our decisions, actions and plans are guided by these values. If our decisions don’t comply with these values, they have no place in our discussions or decisions. To make sure that we always adhere to our values, we ask ourselves 5 simple questions:

  • Does it benefit our client?
  • Does it help us grow as an individual and a team?
  • Does it build trust?
  • Is this the best we can do?
  • Are our evaluations based on the right principles?

Overall, our values mean more to us than a poster on the Planlogic wall; and while this is a continuous journey, we strive to have our values embedded into our culture and behaviour as a team, whilst being the driving force of our organisation.