Are you tapping into these powerful tools to build your business?
18th March of 2022

You have a website, but does that mean you have an online presence? Think about a time that you wanted to search for a product or service that you were interested in. It is likely that you looked at more than just a website, and browsed through things like ratings and reviews to qualify your purchase.

As an adviser, your clients do the exact same thing. People that don’t yet have an adviser will look you up online, and in most instances will find your website. At this point you need to ensure that your website reflects who you are and the great work that you do, and that’s a whole other story. But where can they find you next? LinkedIn, Adviser Ratings, Facebook, or some other platform?

As an industry, financial planning has been in the ‘coal phase of online’ for some time. At Planlogic, what we have learnt over the past year has been from our own trial and error, and one of the biggest things that we can suggest is to make sure that you have multiple online channels to quantify who you are and what you do.

Enter LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman’s juggernaut. If you don’t already follow Reid, do it now. LinkedIn is a powerful add-on to a website, and is a professional’s social media platform. It provides insights on the people that have followed your page, where they are from, and the content they like to interact with. While these may seem rather simple, they are incredible metrics for you as a business owner.

You can do far more on LinkedIn. For example, you can run paid advertisements that will allow you to expand your reach like never before. But first make sure that you capitalise on the quick wins by setting up a LinkedIn page and publishing valuable content that your audience can interact with. If you aren’t already doing this, you are missing out on an extremely powerful marketing tool.

We understand that advisers don’t have a lot of time. We can guide you through what you need to do to gain trust from your clients – both existing and potential. We can also give you an edge over other advisers in your local area with a much better representation of your business through your website and social media profiles.

Our goal is to help advisers tap into these simple but extremely powerful tools at their disposal. We are currently running a special pricing offer for our ‘Build your business’ package which focuses on helping practices build a brand and launch their websites and social media pages.

If this is something that you are interested in, reach out to me ( or book a meeting and I’ll be happy to get in touch.