The finish line is in sight when you get to advice production – the most difficult areas of the advice process are now complete. Client meetings are no walk in the park, you cover some serious ground when discussing finances, which can no doubt leave you fatigued. But having files that are not moving can cause equal stress on your cashflow and can even strain your relationships – both professionally and with your clients.

I am a big believer in the phrase “clear your desk” – it means that you can move freely from one item to the next, ensuring that nothing gets missed. No milestone can be met without this action, but when you are busy you are constantly juggling – this file, that task and then lunch. Eventually, the file that was urgent by Monday for a meeting due on Wednesday becomes a casualty of the work war, buried under a pile of words, thoughts, and ultimately – excuses.

In this pile is pure gold – SoAs that are agreed by the client need to be produced, and until they are, so much can go wrong. You forget a detail, the client changes their mind, a product changes its fee, and rapidly, this gold vanishes – leaving you frantically trying to piece it back together.

Our team has refined the SoA request over a 10-year period. We know what needs to be there and we know where to find it, so you don’t need to aimlessly add things to requests. Saving this time translates to more client meetings, more time to add value to relationships, and more time to focus on growing your business instead of being stuck in it.

If you would like to know how we do things, or if you just need some help clearing out a backlog of SoAs, reach out to me or book a meeting and let’s discuss how to rectify this and stop it from happening again.

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