of Australians intend to get financial advice in the future, but hold back due to a few key reasons

This is primarily driven by misconceptions around the cost of advice, a notion that advice is only for the wealthy and distrust towards the industry.

What can financial advisers do?

To break these misconceptions, advisers should focus on delivering impactful content that reinforces the value of effective advice.

This content can then be distributed on segment-specific channels to create engagement with existing and potential clients, allowing them to make more informed decisions regarding financial planning.

Why Planlogic Digital?

Planlogic Digital is the digital marketing arm of Planlogic, a provider of financial planning solutions for advisers throughout Australia. Having delivered more than 10,000 SoAs over the span of a decade, Planlogic has an unparalleled understanding of the industry and its users, and strong domain expertise.

Through Planlogic Digital, we leverage our understanding of the industry and our domain expertise to create quality content that drives engagement with your clients and delivers optimal results for your practice.

We have a vibrant, creative and future-oriented team that can work with you to create content and digital marketing strategies that will help you meet your business goals and objectives. We are all about creating win-win situations in a fast-evolving world.

Content is the oxygen of marketing and lead generation

At Planlogic Digital, we provide you with access to quality talent and work with you to develop
content that drives engagement with your target audience.

Articles & Blogs

We can leverage our strong domain expertise to create informative articles and blogs for existing and prospective clients. This content can then be distributed on the channels of your choice. For example, the articles and blogs we write can be about:

  • The impact of the new budget on retirees
  • Informing clients about the need to renew their ongoing advice contracts¬† annually
  • The top 5 financial mistakes that people make with their money


Our digital marketing team can advise you on how to best shoot your videos. Once you provide us with the raw footage, our team will manage production of the video. For example, videos we create for you can be around:

  • Testimonials from some of your longstanding clients
  • How you helped a specific client achieve their financial goals
  • You talking about how changes in legislation will impact your clients

Flyers & Brochures

If your client base primarily consists of retirees, we can work with you to create physical marketing materials that will better resonate with them. For example, flyers & brochures we create can include:

  • Adviser profiles
  • Client case studies
  • Financial planning solutions catered to a specific geography (e.g. the Sunshine Coast)

Social Media Posts

We can maintain all your social media profiles and ensure that they are consistently updated. For example, your social media posts can include:

  • Updates on changes in the financial planning industry
  • Infographics and statistics around the financial planning industry
  • Seasonal greetings from your practice
Distributing your content effectively

Once your content is created, we can advise you on optimal methods to market and distribute this content.

Content Distribution Methods